Jon Baiocchi's Everyday Dry Fly Leader


Jon Baiocchi's Everyday Dry Fly Leader


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2 years ago

Use a 4X tapered leader off the butt section for bigger dry flies like Skwalas, and hoppers. 5X for small mayflies or caddis. This is the same leader I use for sub surface fishing in shallow water at Lake Davis and Frenchman Lake, especially during the damsel hatch. The stiff 40 pound mono turns over efficiently delivering your fly to the intended target accurately.


Sections 6
Knots 3
Est. Build time 1:50
Total length 12′

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 1:50
Image Count Name Size Length Category
1 Loop-Loop Connection Knots
1 40LB Mono 3′ Tippet & Line
1 Blood Knot Knots
1 5X Tapered Mono 9′ Tippet & Line
1 Clinch Knot Knots
1 Dry Fly Flies & Beads

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@barblessco • 2 years ago

@JonBaiocchi this is awesome! What brand of mono do you recommend for the butt section?