Joe Shafer's Standard Indicator Nymph Rig


Joe Shafer's Standard Indicator Nymph Rig



2 years ago

Guide Joe Shafer demonstrates how to put together a standard nymph rig that he uses all the time for clients and personal use.

This is a highly adaptable rig for fishing numerous conditions on the water. Joe typically uses 7 1/2 to 9 foot leaders and will extend tippet off that leader 18 to 24 inches and attach that tippet with a surgeons knot or blood knot. He will then place the split shot above the knot so it stays in place. The weight should match the speed of the water you are fishing.

Next he will attach a bigger attractor pattern to the end of the tippet. At this point he attaches 18 to 24 inches of tippet to the bend of the hook on the first fly. At the end of that length of tippet he attaches the second fly or something that matches the hatch that is present. Joe typically uses 5x - 3x leaders and tippet sizes in the same ranges. Match the size of tippet to the size of fish you are going after and how picky the fish in your area are to seeing tippet.

Visit Joe's website to pick up your supplies to put this rig together:


Sections 14
Knots 6
Est. Build time 2:57
Total length 11′

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 2:57
Image Count Name Size Length Category
1 Loop-Loop Connection Knots
1 Perfection Loop Knots
1 3X Fluoro 8′ Tippet & Line
1 Yarn Indicators
1 Split Shot Weight
1 Surgeon's Knot Knots
1 4X Fluoro 1′6″ Tippet & Line
3 Clinch Knot Knots
2 Nymph Fly Flies & Beads
1 5X Fluoro 1′6″ Tippet & Line

How to Build Joe Shafer's Standard Indicator Nymph Rig