Drew's Salt Water Streamer Setup


Drew's Salt Water Streamer Setup


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2 years ago

This is a beefy setup for targeting fish in the salt flats. The 80LB "bite" or "bite tippet" section at the end ensures that you won't get your fly bit off by an aggressive fish. Happy hunting!


Sections 10
Knots 5
Est. Build time 2:40
Total length 12′

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 2:40
Image Count Name Size Length Category
1 Loop-Loop Connection Knots
1 60LB Fluoro 5′ Tippet & Line
3 Blood Knot Knots
1 30LB Fluoro 3′ Tippet & Line
1 15LB Fluoro 3′ Tippet & Line
1 80LB Fluoro 1′ Tippet & Line
1 Improved Clinch Knot Knots
1 Streamer Flies & Beads

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@kalsond • 8 months ago

I assume you are using fluoro to get the fly down a little deeper? Might work great in the current, cold water situation?