HD's Meat Eating Trout


HD's Meat Eating Trout



1 year ago

This rig is for throwing streamers at trout, the first fly I prefer to be smaller than the second because if the second fly is significantly bigger than the first. It looks like like something running from a small fish and it pisses fish off so badly that they crush the bigger fly. No fish likes other fish eating their food.


Sections 9
Knots 4
Est. Build time 1:55
Total length 7′6″

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 1:55
Image Count Name Size Length Category
1 15LB Mono 4′ Tippet & Line
1 Blood Knot Knots
1 10LB Mono 2′ Tippet & Line
3 Clinch Knot Knots
2 Streamer Flies & Beads
1 8LB Mono 1′6″ Tippet & Line