Ryan Williams: Clear Lake Streamer: Bass "Twisted Leader"


Ryan Williams: Clear Lake Streamer: Bass "Twisted Leader"


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1 year ago

All Maxima Ultragreen.

Topwater leader butt section designed to last an entire season, & taper design to allow streamers to sink fast & freely. Great taper for casting under docks & structure.

"Double Surgeon Knot" is actually a double overhand knot.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Made from 1 piece of 15lb & 1 piece of 10lb. 15lb from fly line to "double overhand knot" is doubled over twice making it 60lb in reality. & from overhand knot to loop to loop connection, the 15lb is doubled over once, making it 30lb in reality.

Only knots are in the 10lb, 15lb to barrel swivel. The rest of the 15lb is all wrapped & loop connections for maximum strength overtime. "Shorb Loop" for lower loop knot on twisted section.

Furled system inspired & taught to me by Wayman Lee.



Recast from… Ryan Williams: Topwater Diver Bass "Twisted Leader"

Sections 14
Knots 5
Est. Build time 6:25
Total length 5′4″

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 6:25
Image Count Name Size Length Category
1 Loop-Loop Connection Knots
2 Furled Sighters
1 15LB Mono 1′4″ Tippet & Line
1 2X Surgeon's Knot Knots
2 UV Drops Sighters
2 Clinch Knot Knots
1 Swivel Sz 8 Rings & Swivels
1 10LB Mono 4′ Tippet & Line
1 Non-Slip (Kreh) Loop Knots
1 Bass Sub Surface Flies & Beads

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@barblessco • 1 year ago

Awesome leader formula! Thanks for publishing this.