Ryan Williams: Topwater Popper: Bass "Twisted Leader"


Ryan Williams: Topwater Popper: Bass "Twisted Leader"



1 year ago

All Maxima Ultragreen.

Topwater leader butt section designed to last an entire season, & taper designed to turn over topwater bass poppers with accurate placement.

"Double Surgeon Knot" is actually a double overhand knot.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Made from 1 piece of 15lb & 1 piece of 10lb. 20lb from fly line to "double overhand knot" is doubled over twice making it 80lb in reality. & from overhand knot to loop to loop connection, the 20lb is doubled over once, making it 40lb in reality.

Only knots are in the 10lb, 20lb is all wrapped & loop connections for maximum strength overtime.
("Shorb Loop" for lower loop knot on twisted section.)

Twisted leader system inspired & taught to me by Wayman Lee.



Recast from… Ryan Williams: Topwater Diver Bass "Twisted Leader"

Sections 11
Knots 4
Est. Build time 4:10
Total length 6′

Build List

Products in this Build | Estimated Build Time: 4:10
Image Count Name Size Length Category
2 Loop-Loop Connection Knots
2 Furled Sighters
1 20LB Mono 3′ Tippet & Line
1 2X Surgeon's Knot Knots
1 UV Drops Sighters
1 15LB Mono 3′ Tippet & Line
1 Non-Slip (Kreh) Loop Knots
1 Bass Top Water Flies & Beads